Thursday, 13 January 2011

Who's in da house?
Christ. Finding the right people was a fucking nightmare, the hardest thing.
Yep, I am fussy, and as Hermann, the great character who runs our reh studio said: 'Got to give u respect, man, respect. To sack a good drummer coz he was reading The Sun newspaper is like... er... respect man, got to respect that.'
But it wasn't like he was reading it, just picked up a freebie on the tube, he was actually bloody buying the stinker on a daily basis.
It was not gonna work.
Others, again, great players, got a little frisky and started telling me what to do, instead of making suggestions. Please. Do me a favour - straight out of the, what was it? The Coach'n'Horses?, telling miss m how to run the Drugstore show?! Sorry, baby, had to dispatch you back to the Hare'n'Wounds.
We used to joke about the 'cemetery'.
Yep, another cowboy hits the ground.
Having now done the nasty, but honest comms, I want to add that we are sincerely grateful to anyone who tried and failed, rehearsed, played with us, and spent any time on anything connected to our band.
No point in mentioning everyone, as list is too bloody long.

Happiness to all of them, we can do that.

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