Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Album master, me slave
On my way to the mastering studio, where final EQ touches, volume and song order is put into place.
It's the last stage of the whole craze process, before going into production.
Last nite did something pretty ridiculous, I need to share:
Had superbusy day organising the songs and preparing everything, and by 2am all files were compiled together on 3 precious folders on my desktop.
Turned pc/Ibook off and went to sleep.
Woke up at 4am with terrible fear that files might have disappeared from the desktop, some fluke virus or extreme bad luck.
Got up, switched everything back on, and ... thankjesusfuck:
all 3 pretty folders sitting quietly on the desktop, just as I had left them.
No - they can't stop me now.

dramatic post-mastering script:
Massive delays on the district line, and me getting v.anxious about turning up late.
Broke urban taboo, and spoke to stranger sitting next to me: ' er.. do these people realise I have an album to master?! arrrgh'.
Got to Turnpike Lane 1/2 hour late, confused about address and stressed blind, crossed the street to try to hail a black cab and fell over right in the middle of busy multi-traffic junction - cars stopped - driver shouted at me - another pedestrian came over to help and took me to a minicab office.
Whoever you are: thank you.
Session went super fine - guy at the studio was great.
It's gonna be a pretty album.
Vinita turned up, had chips, we hugged and I felt quite emotional.
sense of achievement.
Moral of the story: we always get there in the end.