Sunday, 23 January 2011

Day 5 - Blind Faith
It is a challenge, and it takes a brave man to be led blind by Mad-captain-Monteiro, for no amount of rehearsals, long blog entries or conversations can quite translate or explain the full Anatomy landscape I have in my head.
Each one of them holding particular pieces of a musical puzzle that's being sewn up together, and often asked to deliver right on the edge of the unknown seas.
I have days on my own, days with some of the guys, and occasionally all of us together.
We're moving fast, ahead of my planner, which is good, for I'm certain there will be a few light storms, or as the engineer pointed out:
'shit will happen'.
So far, sailing sharply forward, on good winds, with Anatomy bronkenheartedness gently slidin' into place.
You just gotta have a little faith.

ps- spot el thick wooly poncho indoors - no 5 star facilities, but atmosphere perfecto/beautiful mournful slides by Mr.Yuuki


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