Saturday, 22 January 2011

Day 4 - Revenge of the Tremolo
Studios are weird and wonderful places, where you quickly disconnect from the rest of the known world; It has its own set of special little rules, a shared secret agreement built over decades between craze bands and engineers, and sealed over a dirty wine-spilled, coffee drenched, once pale grey carpet.
Strange, amusing conversations and rock'n'roll tales are shared, and other bands' gossip dished-out freely.
I try to keep at the helm, in the control room for pretty much most of the time - call me power-freak, obsessive, don't care - every note matters to me.
But yesterday, decided to give'em a break, and went for a wander around the island, coffee, poncho, ciggie in hand.
I returned, half-an-hour later, expecting much progress on the trak, and what do I find?
Engineer's laptop Firefox page on (couldn't help but notice...):
'Science Weekly -'Is there life in outer space?', and both men engaged in great debate about life beyond Earth, God, deep-space shit, big bang theory, alien life-forms etc...
'So, guys... guitar trak finished, is it?' - 'Erm..., no, erm..., we were kinda waiting for you to come back...' Yeah, right. bloody space-geeks.
And no, they were not recording 'Blackholes&BrokenHearts' - which would have kinda made sense, right?
But, that's the beauty of 'studio space confinement' - it does weird things to your mind, it bends, and an assortment of crazeshit comes out.
And yep, we did spend the following 1/2 hour trying to convince the guitarist that there's nothing beyond this mortal coil.
Guitar: 'Fuck, man, that's just too dark...'
Miss M: 'Yeah, man, wake-up and smell the darkness, baby, it's coming to getch'ya.'
engineer: 'Right, better put the next guitar-trak down, then, before the darkness comes and takes him away.'



robert frank said...

The universe of confinement in the studio always has good stories.

Lex said...

Funny enough, the only thing I bought/brought back from London was season 3 of Dr Who - fitting well the space theme ;)