Wednesday, 13 April 2011

V is for Verdana
Today managed to finish and upload all artwork files.
They say time flies when you're having fun - I say it rushes by when you've got a bloody deadline round your neck.
I love doing artwork, and although I'm a trained graphic designer, so have basic grasp - know my way 'round a sans serif, in the past things were a little easier, as I'd just sketch/paint/scribble something, and send it off to Simon at RyanArt, who would then do the hard graft of placing text, barcodes - putting the format together;
This time I'm doing everything myself, so if anything looks shite, dodgy spelling or barcode belongs to another band another planet - ain't got no one else to blame.
Can't imagine being happier than locked in the cave, disconnected from the world, doing this stuff for pure pleasure. It's a joy and a privilege.
As with everything else we've ever released, I wanted the artwork to reflect where we're at - so gone are the fuzzy-pop pinks, in with the slate greys and dead blues.
It's amazing how much unconscious foretelling an album or single cover can reveal.
I can trace drugstore's emotional rollercoaster just by reading the silent subtext in the artworks - there was always some extra meaning, some other layer.
A while ago I received a long enraged email from a fan who was outraged at the prospect of Drugstore releasing music digitally - as he worried about us losing our religion:
baby - you have nada to fear: the album is super-lo-fi and the artwork, although I do a lot of stuff on the computer, has all sorts of homemade elements - for some of the tools I use have changed, the work I do is still delivered the very same way: bloodshot in your face.
1st single - thump on the ground.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Mad album cover night-shoot in the cold, cold rain.

Once I get an idea stuck inside my head, it's pretty hard to get rid of it, as it just keeps beeping, till it gets done.
Wanted a photo for the album cover, grey skies, open sea, just before the sun breaks through, and everything becomes clear.
Photographer Michela Volpe and mate Jody volunteered for the unbelievably tough assignment.
Found perfect bay. Rang the Kent authority, managed to speak to tourism big-shot and we got a beach hut available to us in the middle of the night.
It was freezing - really freezing, rain pouring and a biting wind blowing.
We all ended up soaking wet, desperately trying to keep the expensive camera dry.
It was a crazy thing to do, but we've got some great shots.
Front cover done.
Have 3 days to put all artwork together - bloody deadlines - you're always 1 day behind, no matter how many days you're given. always.