Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Anatomy album + single - * pre-order *
The time has come for all our drugstore lovers to put their hands where their broken hearts are get hold of the ANATOMY album.
It's available to pre-order on pretty much all formats, excluding singing it live in your bedroom wearing only fave kimono (although, I'm sure that could easily be arranged too).
Instead of having a 'big naff comeback single release', we've decided to do a limited edition CD single with a couple of album tracks, as a taster.
You can pre-order both the single and the album online or get it direct from the Rocket Girl website. It's also gonna be available on most independent record stores, after the official release date.
As you know, Anatomy is a simple, homemade record, no big production or frills, and I hope it captures some of the moods and stories of life in the cave, the dark places my heart got to, in an unpretentious, occasionally drunken, but totally dead-real way.
I don't expect whole world to love everything about it, but kinda hope someone, somewhere's gonna find a track or two to treasure.
love to the world, all the boys and girls, love to the fishies in the deep blue sea.
love to you and me. x