Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Day 8 - A drugstore love affair
Today, a welcome shot of extra affection, and a bonus evening off. wahey!
Two fans who bidded together on our Pledge Project, came to visit us at the studio in Hampton. Lex, all the way from belle France, and Gary, from Brumingham.
Quite fitting that one of the traks we were working on - 'Standing Still', had the broken chorus; 'everything will be forgotten and all the love be dead and gone' - we know that, but ' the meantime' - yep, in the meantime I just feel profoundly grateful that for a moment, we have people who think the music we're making is worth the journey in the cold wintry rain.
It's a beautiful thing, our love affair with this drugstore.
ps1- spotted opportunity for some free backing-vox, got them to work straight away and extracted some pretty decent 'doo doo doos' out of their virgin throats -
fun had by all, filmed by Steve and subsequently deleted by mistake by clumsy fingers monteiro.
evening ended at the local posh pub, doing what all bands do for most of the time: slaggin off other bands, discussing at lenght which is their favourite drugstore album, and secretly thinking:
yep, we're making something special here, something really special...



Blacktoe said...

Glad it sounds like there's a bit of r&r mixed in with the hard work. Keep up with the updates, it's great to hear how it's all going.

Btw, do you know if you'll be opening up the pledges again anytime in the future? - missed it this time around but would be keen to make a contribution to support you guys, and think some of "treats" would make a great gift for my other half one of these days as she's always been such a huge fan of yours!

isabel monteiro said...

hey cool, tx for goodwords.
We'r thinkin of running Pledge for album - maybe do special artwork/limited editions/other stuff.
we'll see.
album sesh going great - all happy.

Lex said...

What can I say - day was too brilliant, atmosphere too lovely for words... :)

Several "first times" for me : first time in a musical studio (just an amazing experience to see the birth of tracks)... first time eating peanut butter and just-born-with-microwave popcorn! ;) lol

Just wanna thank again everyone at the 'Store for the warm welcome, the nice chats! Was lovely also to discover the little isle, a whole little universe of its own... Oh what a day. :) And what a surprise, great one, to be part of the backing-vocals of Black Holes!

Merci ! :) xxx

isabel monteiro said...

Hey Lex - great day for all of us - good memories are made of this. x x x