Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Day 1 - Cold Moon Risin'
First day at any recording session always feels like when you arrive at a new holiday hotel and you're desperately trying to work our what the local currency is, where you gonna put your bags, how does the heating work, and generally spending a good deal of time wondering 'round the place, looking dazed, trying to remember where the hell you left your mobile phone - swear it was on that table an hour ago...
Having set our improvised campsite and having spent a good chunk of the carefully planned-out budget on impulsive emergency supplies, we set out to lay some drum-tracks.
Phil did a fantastic job: Day 1 - all drumtrax beautifully done.
Yuuki played acoustic, I sang(coughed/spat/coughed more), all the guide tracks.
Session went smoothly.
Only complaint: it was fxking freezing - I somehow managed to remember to take extra nail-files (?) but forgot to bring my COAT! - Band ended up hitting the brandy a little sooner than prescribed in the 'daily planner'...
Have a masterplan of sorts for the whole album, and it kinda works like this:
3 - levels (layers/whatever you wanna call it, too tired to drum-up any half decent pseudo-psychobabble explanation...).
I guess it's a bit of a 'journey' (dreaded word) in reverse. Christ knows, I never meant it to be a bloody 'journey' - why can't we just get from A - to - B, without having to spill blood, climb mole-hills? arrrgh, as brazilians so concisely put it: que saco.
But, I now see that 7 years ago I probably wouldn't have written some of the slower, sore tracks of this album, already the ones I favour and like more.
So a journey it became, this minuscule scramble from one point in time to another.
And I'm thinking the album should kick off with the outcome: a positive invitation to music, to hear some drugstore stories, to turn our radio on.
From that point onwards, we'll make our descent, slowing down at each stop, and having a more detailed examination as the tracks progress, or digress as it's probably the correct nomenclature, or whatever - fuckme if I care at this hour - (sorry, just tired, cold, hungry, exhilarated, brimming).
Level Uno: Attitude songs - these are full-on band tracks, drums, whole shebang, and flavoured by mean tremolo guitar (Aquamarine/Dont Throw Me in etc).
You got to have some attitude in order to get through things, and these songs have a slightly faster pace, and interact with the outside world.
First few glasses, a sense of confidence.
Gun points ahead defiantly.
Level Deux: Reflective songs - a little mellower pace, lighter drums, no need to be mean, piano/slides/organ/tinkles instead of killer tremolo guitars. (Standing Still/Lights Out etc).
Mid-bottle: some truths begin to emerge, and listener becomes, for a moment, best bar mate/confidant.
Wondering which way to point the gun.

Level Tres: The core, nothing left to hide songs - super-sparse, no drums, few dubs - nada. (Clouds/Sinner's Descent etc).
We've reached the end of the bottle, and the indivisible is revealed.
We're at that point in time when the gun could have gone in a different direction.
or as probably best described on twtr:
'anatomy': just a little nite music from your favourite drugstore sinner'.
that aint no ciggie smoke, but my frozen breath...
the island is great, perfect place. tomoro will take coat/gloves/cardi/blanket - fuck being cool, no longer care, (dont think I ever did, really...) I am taking my thermos.

Day 1 - Anatomy Infographics - fig 1


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