Thursday, 17 February 2011

I have no clean clothes left: none.
Recording time is over; Time to mix the album.
Mixing is a weird little beast, can bring the fussiest out of the laid-back, and turn deaf mice into audio-experts.
I'm gonna try really hard not to get over picky, and get trapped into the compression/delay chamber. Just want the songs to be heard, nice, unaffected and clear.
So far everything sounding top class, not a single brown smartie in the bag.
Now, can I have just a tad more reverb, please? and that 2nd snare beat on the chorus is too loud, also the b-vox needs panning, and the bass needs tweaking, and that guitar whatever...Pete's rotary organ...and the slides... (ad infinitum)

1 comment:

Lex said...

Good luck with checking the last details of this little masterpiece. I'm sure it's just gonna be perfect... :) xx