Friday, 11 February 2011

Calm Ascending

Today, for the first time, had a chance to listen to everything we've done so far.
Respiratory and slowly.
I usually take a cheapo pair of headphones with me, the ones you'd get on Ebay for about, say, £30, not the worst, but just below average, and plug them straight into the desk. It's a great way to have an overall impression of what the record is roughly going to sound like.
Felt overwhelmed and happy with what I've heard, and for the first time, a gentle wave of calmness rose from within, something I haven't felt in years.
Terrible, isn't it?, but I fear that other dreaded word 'maturity' might have finally sipped into our music, but not in a serious or too grown-up way - not like that, but more like when you're about to arrive at someplace strange and new and feeling quietly comfortable with yourself.
star spangled pretty.
El Pedro, in a sea of tinkles.



Lex said...

Feeling happy reading you. :) As for maturity, it's not a bad thing in the sense you describe - and let's say Drugstore is like good wine ;)

I think it's just like "becoming adult" can mean a variety of things according to the person - I long thought it meant becoming boring with no imagination, the dreams of childhood, the fantasy worlds forgotten... and dreaded it...
But I found out that, as far as I'm concerned, it just means being able to accept compromises (to a certain extent) and being able to analyze things better... Still, I think I belong to the so-called "Peter Pan generation", a grown-up teenager (and I like this idea) ;)

isabel monteiro said...

well said.
dear L, you are our witness, for you have, at close quarters, experienced drugstore r'n'r brand of half-grown-up kiddiness, who else would start day w/ brandy and have popcorn as main food intake, if not a deranged teen on the loose?
microwave popcorn forever!