Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Cowboy Lover

Fell in love with the wrong cowboy, not for the first or last time, I fear...
In the meantime, at the Drugstore Island, clock doing that Einstein thing I never quite understood, y' know, the bleeding two twins, one is travelling at the speed of light, the other stuck on earth, or whatever? as studio time slipping away faster than predicted by my mathematical planner. weird.
Still, despite recording studio own bizarre laws of non-logical physics, think we gonna make it and arrive safely at harbour in 10 days time.
all in good spirits.


1 comment:

Lex said...

That's quite a collection you have here, indeed!
Next time we meet I shall tell you a lil story - how one of my grandpas suddently ended his love story with cigarettes... ;) A bit radical though!

Anyway, time can be a weird thing - sometimes you'd say it has a mind of its own and likes to play tricks! Good luck for the last straight line, I'm sure you gonna "give birth" in time and what a beautiful baby it'll be ;)