Friday, 18 February 2011

Bad Monteiro?
Day 2 of mixing: started off good, with generosity of next door biz neighbour, who runs nice family crabmeat business, ended up even better with 3 lovely mixes of some of the mellower/quieter album tracks - Clouds, La Brume and Can't Stop me Now.
Had superlative crabmeat brunch; My dad used to say that crab was the food of angels - I think, in this instance, I may have to agree.
As for being a really, really bad person, although sometimes line of good and bad drawn with invisible ink, today, managed to overcome temptation, and happily shared crab-loot with everyone else.
you never doubted I would, did you?! scoundrels!
ps- very pop-postscript: the crabmeat biz is housed in what used to be another little recording studio, where, hard to believe but true, the SpiceGirls recorded their 1st album. historic.



DianaFsc said...

spice up your life, Isabel!

if Radiohead will put out a 'newspaper album', why can't Drugstore put out a 'crab meat album' and send their true fans some organic crab meat when they purchase the special edition of the new album?

crab sponsored album = the future of the music industry!

isabel monteiro said...

lol - difference is: newspaper: 40p, this posh crabmeat from cornwall: £4.50 a tin. nope, it aint gonna work.
need more ideas...

Lex said...

You should have your aquamarine doll ride a big crab and take a picture for the album ;) Mermaids are supposed to be friends with crabs, just look at Disney's Sebastian haha!

Lex xx