Thursday, 5 May 2011

Band Fan Video Meeting 1
Loads of emails crowding up inbox, everyone wanting to know if we have set a release date yet and what's been happening.
C'mon in amigos vaqueros, musical rancheros, welcome to this one-eyed jack mistress, single sided band-fan meeting, for the latest from the Drugstore camp:



Lex said...

This Band Fan Video Meeting's a brilliant idea and seeing it's called number 1, we can expect others, which is even cooler! :) Merci beaucoup for keeping us up to date with the latest news - how exciting!
Living the whole process of creation, step by step, is a truly great thing, I really feel grateful for everything you have already shared with us Drugsters and what's coming next. :)

End of July/August should be no problem for me to come to London, weehoo! :) I won't be able to attend the Ireland gig so I hope some nice Drugsters will take loads of pictures and maybe also videos. Hope you guys will have great fun - will be there by heart! xxx

Simon Lea said...

Loved the meeting, looking forward to seeing you at the end of the summer, and looking forward to the album.
Thanks, Simon.

DianaFSC said...

so good to see you, I really hope this is the first of many video diaries from you!

it's been our pleasure and honour to be able to share the whole process that lead to the new album from the very beginning, unforgetable experience!

thanks for mentioning ME on the video, that was SO COOL! waiting for my plegde 'gifts', great great great!

kisses Isabel,

ps: would a festival slot in Brazil in November fit in Drugstore's still-almost-all-virtual-schedule ? please please please!

Anonymous said...

Hey Isabel

This is all great, love the state of the nation address!

Can't wait for the album and the London gig.

Well done you and the rest of the cowboys!!


Paul Fletcher said...

I can remember receiving my Xmas at The Drugstore single out of the blue from the mailing list all those years ago. The commitment to putting a smile on fans' faces was clear even then, but I could never have imagined that, how many years later is it now?, we'd be able to follow every step of the process in recording a new album on the web.

It's a different world, it's been a great trip and I think the best thing that Drugstore could have done is to embrace that possibility with sharing posts such as this. I can't fucking wait for the album now.

Anonymous said...

did you say uk tour? yay :()
just make sure to include Scotland, will'ya?