Sunday, 21 August 2011

Journey's end

as twitted awhile ago:

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The Anatomy ramshakled boat has finally found a small port to lay anchor.
People could not, if they tried, imagine some of the ridiculous crazeshit we had to overcome to get here. Last year alone would have made a wonderfully long glossary of disasters, worthy of a surreal fly-on-the-wall rockumentary, but that, I fear, will have to wait for some future obscure book-writing date.
For now, we're just overwhelmingly happy that, somehow, we managed to overcome the difficulties, big and small, and released some music we're quietly proud of and believe in wholeheartedly.
I will now leave this blog, a mummified record of our small, intense, but totally worthwhile adventure.
My work here is done.
For news and updates on everything that happens from this day forward, pls go to the main blog.
ps - a few FACTOIDS about the record:

* anatomy was mixed in the cave, using superbasic freebie program: audacity. (except 'Standing Still+'Aquamarine' mixed at small ldn studio)
* clarinet on 'Sweet Chili Girl': bumped into a guy at kitchen mini-studio, asked 'wot do u play?' he said 'clarinet' - 'cool, wot r u doing in the next 10 minutes?' I just forgot to ask his name! have no idea who he is.
* having heard the initial 'mastering tapes', I went to the Mastering Studio with a list written ALL IN CAPITAL BOLD: NO EXTRA EFFECTS/ NO COMPRESSION/ NO EQ CHANGE/ NO CLEANING UP VOCALS OR GLITCHES/NO MESSING W/SOUND/ DONT TOUCH ANYTHING. engineer followed instructions to the letter.
* The last sample of old music at the end of 'Clouds' is from a 78 vinyl, over 75 years old, recorded in 1886, and it's called 'In the Gloaming' and it became one of the most popular romantic ballads published as sheet music.
* 'Sinner's Descent' was originally penciled-in as a 'possible b-side'.
* 'Anatomy', the 1st track I wrote, prior to move to Kew, and in the midst of legal troubles, was excluded from the record - as we ran out of studio-time, and it felt just right to leave it out, as it belongs to a slightly different pre-cave era.
(the original porta-demo was included in the Itunes package).

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