Wednesday, 13 April 2011

V is for Verdana
Today managed to finish and upload all artwork files.
They say time flies when you're having fun - I say it rushes by when you've got a bloody deadline round your neck.
I love doing artwork, and although I'm a trained graphic designer, so have basic grasp - know my way 'round a sans serif, in the past things were a little easier, as I'd just sketch/paint/scribble something, and send it off to Simon at RyanArt, who would then do the hard graft of placing text, barcodes - putting the format together;
This time I'm doing everything myself, so if anything looks shite, dodgy spelling or barcode belongs to another band another planet - ain't got no one else to blame.
Can't imagine being happier than locked in the cave, disconnected from the world, doing this stuff for pure pleasure. It's a joy and a privilege.
As with everything else we've ever released, I wanted the artwork to reflect where we're at - so gone are the fuzzy-pop pinks, in with the slate greys and dead blues.
It's amazing how much unconscious foretelling an album or single cover can reveal.
I can trace drugstore's emotional rollercoaster just by reading the silent subtext in the artworks - there was always some extra meaning, some other layer.
A while ago I received a long enraged email from a fan who was outraged at the prospect of Drugstore releasing music digitally - as he worried about us losing our religion:
baby - you have nada to fear: the album is super-lo-fi and the artwork, although I do a lot of stuff on the computer, has all sorts of homemade elements - for some of the tools I use have changed, the work I do is still delivered the very same way: bloodshot in your face.
1st single - thump on the ground.


dollar said...

wow, nice legs!

isabel monteiro said...

we would like to add that any similarity with real members of the band drugstore is purely coincidental...