Friday, 1 April 2011

Mad album cover night-shoot in the cold, cold rain.

Once I get an idea stuck inside my head, it's pretty hard to get rid of it, as it just keeps beeping, till it gets done.
Wanted a photo for the album cover, grey skies, open sea, just before the sun breaks through, and everything becomes clear.
Photographer Michela Volpe and mate Jody volunteered for the unbelievably tough assignment.
Found perfect bay. Rang the Kent authority, managed to speak to tourism big-shot and we got a beach hut available to us in the middle of the night.
It was freezing - really freezing, rain pouring and a biting wind blowing.
We all ended up soaking wet, desperately trying to keep the expensive camera dry.
It was a crazy thing to do, but we've got some great shots.
Front cover done.
Have 3 days to put all artwork together - bloody deadlines - you're always 1 day behind, no matter how many days you're given. always.




Paul F said...

Wonderful pic. Dawn, dusk, the sea... among my favourite things. One of the reasons I've chosen to live where I do, on the coast. Hope for a pic from the session in my Pledge diary! :)

isabel monteiro said...

hey paul - the sea the SEA!!!!!-
btw - havent forgot the diary - it's here, just need to take an afternoon and bring some of the stuff I collected/cut-outs etc together... as soon as artwork out of the way in a week or so - will get on w/ it!
Still got another couple of Pledges to do: 1 ac gig+ 1 international gig+ the diaries + 1 tee w/ doll for Diana in BR - havent forgotten any of you - just not enough hours in the day...
but gonna get there soon...

DianaFsc said...

take your time, Isabel!
after waiting all these years for new material from Drugstore we definitely can wait a few more days to get our prizes - if that means you're spending your days focused on the new album!